Mon Jan 1 13:37:00 2007

Silver and Gold (Humor)

A German proverb is: "Reden ist Silber, Schweigen ist Gold.", which could be translated as "Speaking is silver, silence is golden." It suggests that in most cases, keeping your mouth shut is a lot smarter than blubbering out whatever crosses your mind. Therefore, golden silence is a comparison (in the linguistic sense, as in augmentation) to speaking.

Now, if not speaking were the augmentation of speaking, what would be the antonym of such golden silence? What could be the worst case of mindless babble? The answer smiled at me today from an exhibition advertisement (as in advertising exhibitionism) printed on transparent film. Reading it from both sides was a revealing experience:

... .

Disclaimer: The current temparatures in Berlin do not allow for any straight thinking. Therefore, we have to revert to humor to prevent our brains to from simply stopping operation altogether. Consider this post as the our mental screen saver.

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