A Personal Note and a Sincere Thank You

It’s been a while since we informed you about Felix’ state of health and an update is long overdue. Thank you all for your patience! Since the day of the last post, there have been an overwhelming number of messages with wishes for his well-being and speedy recovery; some of them long and with very personal notes, some short but in no way less important and appreciated. Most of them have been forwarded to Felix, who truly took and still is taking a lot of strength from your messages. However, shortly after the blog post, very unfortunately, Felix experienced some setbacks in his recovery process; incidents, which have been deeply concerning but could thankfully medically be treated with a positive outcome. So, finally, we are very much relieved to be able to say that his condition has and is constantly improving since then, at an ever accelerating rate and with no further complications. Felix is already enjoying little tours and walks in surrounding woods of his rehabilitation home and does not miss any opportunity to engage in ever growing conversations and discussions, proving that he has not lost his sense of humour and logic thinking, most of you know and love, and which so much defines his character. Felix has personally asked to include the following message into this post, which we would like quote unaltered …
Dear friends,

I would like to thank all friends and colleagues, all who have sent
well-wishes to me. Your wishes have been well received and contribute to
the strength needed for my recovery process, providing great support for
my daily routine in rehab. I’m looking at the print-outs every day and
greatly appreciate them.

Thank you very much!

With no less gratitude, also his family wants to express their profound and heartfelt thanks for all the sympathy and solidarity received. Most of the people here at Recurity Labs have made visits fairly recently and we will begin to step out of the way for other friends to start visiting him. Please be aware that visiting opportunities are still very limited since his therapists want to fully exploit the momentum his recovery now has, so their judgement is fully trusted when controlling and planning his schedule. We are in full hope that this process will continue and accelerate even more in the future. Without a doubt, you have largely contributed to the recovery process, so thank you all again for being such well-wishing friends!