LangSec Workshop 2018

Selling LangSec should be easy in 2018, right?

Four years ago, FX presented his experience with LangSec within his keynote “Selling LangSec - Tales from the Alchemist’s Apprentice” as part of the “First Workshop on Language-Theoretic Security” at the IEEE Security & Privacy Symposium. This year marks the fifth iteration of this workshop.

Given the fact that we have not yet defined who controls the input in our computational universe, Recurity Labs still follows the path of an alchemist’s apprentice in this field and is glad to support the LangSec approach until the question of who controls the input in which universe has been answered. Some voices claim that LangSec missed Spectre and Meltdown; more likely our universe needs readjustment and expansion in this regard.


Recurity Labs encourages everyone interested to take part in this endeavor; refer to the CFP and submit your ideas and research.

Dates (tentative):