Trainings 2019

Over the years, the team at Recurity Labs has gathered a vast amount of experience on merely all stages of our cherished information security theatre. Every now and then, the results of Recurity Labs’ work are served in form of presentations at the various conferences we all know and love. Lately, we are experiencing a growing demand to pour this knowledge into a more interactive shape. Consequently, we have developed three specialized training courses, now available for booking.

Source Code Audit Training

Joern Schneeweisz will broaden your source code review horizon, teaching state-of-the-art techniques to identify bugs within the source code of managed languages. While following a language agnostic approach, the training will elaborate on the general aspects of source code audits, as well as the identification and exploitation of vulnerabilities.

Embedded Analysis Training (Hardware)

Nathan Fain, ex team member and currently valued freelancing partner to Recurity Labs will convey an understanding of the workflow essential to obtain access to the running software on a device through hardware analysis, exploring the risks exposed through debug interfaces and buses as well as removing memory chips and reading their contents; all essential tools included.

ARM64 Exploitation Training

Sascha Schirra will provide the knowledge required to exploit memory corruption vulnerabilities in ARM-based environments on modern Linux systems, hereby introducing the ARM architecture in detail. The training is rounded off through exercises including modern defense mechanisms, as well as how to bypass them.

All of the above trainings can be booked here