Source Code Audit Training Archive

Merry Christmas everyone! We are releasing the Code Audit Training Archive.

This year was shaped by a lot of ups and downs for the most of us. To bring some festive feeling at the end of the year, we are releasing the Code Audit Training Archive and set some of our training materials free for use by everyone.

Back in the days in 2018, our former team member Joern held a couple of Code Audit trainings, mainly at Hack in the Box events. Since Joern moved on to work at GitLab, the training materials will no longer be used in their current format, so both sides agreed on releasing the materials for the greater good.

You can find the first release at, containing the slide deck originally presented at HITB GSEC 2018. The related training exercises will follow shortly, so stay tuned.

A note by Joern on the materials:

Iā€™m super glad we can publish this and I really hope someone finds this useful, even if it feels like 99.9% of the training content was me talking šŸ˜…

Happy Holidays everyone, and most importantly, stay safe and healthy!