Wed May 26 17:53:44 CEST 2010

Carnival of the Cultures 2010

A great team needs a good environment to work in, and the environment doesn't stop at the office door. The cultural space in which you live also plays an important role and influences how people think and work. Berlin, home to Recurity Labs, luckily provides a rich and multifarious culture, which all of us enjoy a lot. Therefore, we occasionally want to give back to that environment, doing our little part to make it blossom some more.

For this year's Carnival of the Cultures, a multicultural street parade, we had the opportunity to support [multi:mat] and our long time DJ Friends from Dangerous Drums with getting their float onto the parade.

Our motto for this float: Work hard - Party harder!

We would like to thank [multi:mat] and Dangerous Drums for the making this all possible and of course the hundreds of thousands of people that participated in the parade.

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