Wed Jan 25 14:38:20 CET 2017

Get well soon, FX

This post was written to update you on the current situation of our dear friend
and CEO Felix 'FX' Lindner. It will be used to keep you updated on FX's
progress. Please understand that updates won’t happen regularly.

Some of you already heard the news, but some haven’t. To cut the sad story of a
long journey short: FX suffered from cerebral bleeding (aneurysm) in early July
2016. He underwent several surgeries, which thankfully all went well –
considering the circumstances. Unfortunately, FX is under medical supervision
since. Just recently, he was moved from medical care to a specialized
rehabilitation institution, where his health situation will hopefully improve
even further. The journey to a full recovery is still ahead of him and will
take an indefinite amount of time. Be assured that his family and everyone at
Recurity Labs supports him to make sure that he receives the best imaginable
treatment available.

If you feel like sending encouraging words to FX, his family, or even us,
please write to Please note that all messages
will be read and filtered by the responsible people at Recurity Labs and
forwarded as we see fit. This has been made a requirement by FX's family in
order to enable us to responsibly channel such messages depending on FX' state
of health. However, no messages will be left unread or deleted without at least
passing your name and wishes along.

We want to thank you for your discretion during the last half year, your
respectful manners and your sympathy transmitted electronically or verbally in
various ways. But most importantly, we wish FX a fast and full recovery!

All the best and thank you,

FX's family and the team at Recurity Labs

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