Mon Oct 29 21:39:49 2007

YSTS v1.0

Last week, I had the pleasure to attend "YOU sh0t the sheriff", Version 1.0 in Sao Paulo. Although getting there wasn't exactly driving two blocks down the street from my house, it was definitively worth the trip. Luiz Eduardo invited me to this exclusive little conference, held in an English Pub. There was a nice mix of around 50 people (I guess) and half the talks were in English. Luiz challenged me to talk about mobile phone security (since I made fun of his iPwn during HITB Malaysia), so I ended up giving a presentation comparing the major platforms and the new pocket malware host sold by Apple. Bottom line: currently, only BlackBerry (of all things!) provides the infrastructure for an enterprise managing their mobile phone assets and the data on them. Microsoft will follow soon, AFAIK.

It was a great time, hanging out with people like Luis Miras (RE guru, inventor of my favorite non-black t-shirt), Mike Reavey (MSRC), Nick Farr (Hacker Foundation) and Emmanuel Goldstein, who even joined in on the 2 hour traffic jam session back to the airport. Thanks very much to the organizers, especially Luiz, who is a great host.

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