Sat Nov 3 13:42:18 2007

Recurity Labs at SIS'07

Joern Bratzke of Recurity Labs held a presentation on "Academia vs. Hackers" on behalf of FX at the 2nd International Workshop on Secure Information Systems (SIS'07), October 15-17 2007 in Wisla, Poland. Although a pure academic conference, we were invited to speak on the different approaches of hackers compared to academic researchers when tackling real world security problems. According to Joern, the talk was well received, although our bottom line might have been a bit hard for the honourable audience. Don't get us wrong; we opened with our appreciation and respect for the academics that work with us. But bottom line of our experience is: sometimes, the imperfect but pragmatic solutions of hackers are much more efficient than academia's "solve the root cause" approach.

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